The Susannah Spooner Bird Sanctuary

It is not a very well known fact, that in 1927 a lady by the name of Susannah Spooner founded a small bird sanctuary in the North corner of the cemetery.


Eric Hardy, writes in the Liverpool Echo on February 2nd 1932:

Everyone has heard of Liverpool’s grand, new Cathedral, but few know the delightful bird sanctuary hidden away in the ajoining St James’ Cemetery.

Hundreds of birds dwell in this sanctuary, though it is five miles from open country, and is surrounded by slums and busy traffic. The cemetery is the onlypiece of parkland in the heart of the city.

A little gate, bearing the name “The Liverpool Cathedral Wild Birds Sanctuary” encloses a corner of the cemetery set aside for nesting boxes and feeding tables. Beside three bird tables stand a beautiful stone bird bath and drinking fountain. On the left is an ornamental stone with the inscription: “This corner has been made a home for the birds, 16th August,1927” and on a similar stone opposite: “In loving memory of Susannah Spooner, their friend”

Above the fountain is the plainly visible notice: “For the use of the birds only”


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