St.James’ Cemetery Burials.

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Update 22nd Sept 2017: The old database has been "revived" and is searchable by clicking HERE. Please be patient for the table to load.
On my old site there was a searchable database of some 14,000 people. This was funded firstly by the Conservation Foundation and later by the Friends of St James’. Due to rising costs of hosting the database and not having the manpower to add to it, we had a choice of making it chargeable, or letting the subscription lapse. I have always wanted these pages to be a free resource, so the decision was taken to let the subscription lapse.

Of course i still have the data, so i have made it available here as an Excel file

There are nearly 58,000 people buried in St James’, so therefore not all those who are buried are in the file. If the stone still exists (most of them were removed during the 1960-70’s) then a number will appear in the right hand column, this denotes the area in which they are buried. You can cross reference this area with the map above, to give you an indication of where the stone is.

Mike Faulkner 2016