Changes to Site

When I started to put this site together, back in 1998, it was done out of wanting to research and publish what i had found out about the area.   It quickly grew into the resource which it is today.

For many years the site was funded, firstly by The Conservation Foundation and latterly, by The Friends of St James’ Garden.

Over recent years I have found less and less time and resource to devote to the site.  This, coupled with The Friends having launched their own site and understandably not being able to fund this site as well, has led me to the following decisions.

Unless someone is prepared to take over the running and financing of this site, the service will not be renewed and the site will disappear.  I suspect this will happen around about October 2017.

At present, it costs less than £100 per year to host and maintain the domain name for this site.

If you are interested, or wish to find out more, please contact me in the About section.




Q:     What will happen to all the information that is held on this site after it closes?

A:     I will keep all the information either in digital format or in box files, this includes the things that did not make it onto the site.

Q:     Would you consider keeping the site open if I paid for it?

A:     Yes, although, as noted above, I do not have the time or resources to keep researching and adding to the site.

Q:     You say that it costs less than £100 per year to host the site, can you give some more detail?

A:     There is an annual cost to host the site, this was £68.46 last year, an increase of £2.95 from the previous year.  The domain name         is paid for every two years, last payment was £21, a 90p increase from two years previous.

Q:     Say I was interested?  What would the process be?

A:     I would, quite simply, pass everything over to you.  I would provide you with all the passwords for the hosting service so you could change them to what you like.   If you would like to discuss this further, please drop me a line.


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