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Aspects of Identity

Gravestones often depict a symbol that reflects an aspect of the deceased's identity, such as their occupation, group affiliation (familial or otherwise), or nationality.

Anchor: An anchor depicted on gravestones of St James' Cemetery often reflects the maritime occupation of the deceased. They are particularly common because of Liverpool's status as a port city.

Coat of Arms: Some memorials depict a coat of arms or other heraldic designs to emphasise family identity, values, and status.

Eye: Masonic gravestones depict an Eye of Providence (all-seeing eye of God) at the top, sometimes encompassed by a triangle. It demonstrates that the deceased was a member of the Freemasonry organisation.

National flag: Flags are more likely to be depicted on military graves, but can symbolise patriotism and national identity.

Square and compasses: The square and compasses is one of the most prominent of Freemasonry symbols and usually signifies a Masonic grave.